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Closet Control

So let me break this down. You NEED an organised closet, yes really!

This saves you time and energy for the times when you have very little of either!  I have spent years trying to tame my clothes, and it is a never ending battle, especially during the ups and downs I face and never knowing who I am going to be from day to day!  When I can’t think straight I don’t know what to wear. I’ll sit in front of my wardrobe and stare at the clothes wondering how on earth I can dress. To make these days easier I have many go to items I can grab out of my clothes and easily put together to look nice.


  1. Saves time
  2. You know what you’ve got
  3. Seriously reduces stress!
  4.  By the end of this, you’ll know where everything is!

I’m going to simplify this as easy as I can, so follow along:

PART I: Cleaning House
1. Start with your clothes, clothes only! Make two piles of clothes:
A. Clothes that don’t fit, are to worn, or you haven’t worn in a year
(this pile goes into boxes or garbage sack immediately to be delivered to Goodwill)
B. Clothes your keeping
2. Now Properly hang, fold and store the clothes you are keeping.
3. Now go through all your pi’s, underwear, slips and shape wear. As with the clothes, make two piles.
4. Now we get down to the nitty-gritty. All those accessories, and no we’re not at shoes yet. Go through all your belts, gloves, scarves. Divide and conquer, bag or put away PROPERLY!
5. As you’ve gone through your closet, you’ve undoubtedly come upon some things that don’t belong. Don’t shove that old lavender pillow back in the sock drawer, through it away. And remove any items that don’t belong.
6. Last but not least, your shoes. Remove any that are too worn, or ones you’ve been holding on to for that “right” occasion that came and went and never came again. Including shoes you wore with a particular outfit you haven’t worn for three years and you just put the remaining items in the to-go bag.

Ok, you are done with part one! Go relax, eat, maybe come back tomorrow, this was A LOT of work, but yes my friends, there is more!

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