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closet control 2

Getting Serious
1. Divide again
A. Summer
B. Winter
C. Year-round
2. Match and Clear-out
Take a look at your Summer clothes, get rid of anything you don’t have something that you can wear with it, in fact this is a good time to look at my previous post on what you need in your closet. Print that out and go through all three categories. Pair down to the essentials. Be really rough on yourself, you can add back later, but go with this:

“When in doubt, Throw it out.”

And by all means, try everything on! Be honest with yourself, that fabulous pair of pants looked hot a year ago, but those ten pounds add a nasty muffin top. You don’t have to throw it all away, but I would tuck those away out of sight in a box somewhere, buy a new pair that fits, and hit the gym until your new pair are baggy! Oh then what a feeling you’ll have pulling it all back out!

At this point, fit and flattery count more then a closet stuffed! If it doesn’t fit right, or is in flattering, toss it!

Pack away your off season items. Martha Stewert I’m sure has some great guides for this, so I’m not gonna bother. Then relax and look at your fresh clean closet! I’d also recommend since your taking everything out, that this would be a good time to clean: vacuum, dust, repair.

It’s not rocket science, its clothing! You can do it, or you can call me for help and I’ll come over and help you by doing all the hard work!