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How to clean up and not be overwhelmed or tired.

How to clean up and not be overwhelmed or tired.

You can have a Fabulously Perfect Organised house, a place for everything, and still everything doesn’t always end up in the right place. In fact, there are things that don’t end up in the right part of the house and sit in a corner somewhere collection dust and other lots bobs and bits.  So what do you do with all those disconnected items that seem to breed like a pandemic? But more importantly, how do you deal with these things when you never know how you are going to feel from day to day?

First of all you have to accept that all those misplaced bits and bobs are just a part of life and running a household. Your lack of energy and inconsistency due to being bipolar is not an anomaly, plenty of well people can’t get things back where they belong. Like my husband, and his inability to hang up a towel!! Trust me on this: Cleanliness is NOT next to Godliness!

Next you have to develop a plan to attack, divide, and conquer!  Once a month or so I tackle all those odd things that end up in weird places, like one sock in the office, my seam ripper in the living room, random pieces of string, a hair comb, my husbands towel…. You get the idea.

I have a great weekly cleaning schedule and as part of that I try to pick up daily in each room. Doesn’t always happen, but I have a plan and I do the best I can.  But a part of that daily tidy-up-time I make a little group in a box, or a space for things that do not belong in that room. Then once a week or once a month I can take all those disjointed items and put them in the right room, and then in the right place…. But the second part of that doesn’t always happen on the same day, sometimes those items just sit for a few days, but at least they are in the right room!

If I just did this consistently, I would have a perfectly organised home with “a place or everything and everything in it’s place.”  But even I am not perfect, and every so often I have to Spring Clean some major Organisation and get everything situated. I am sure the cycle of clutter and organising falls in line with my cycle of ups and downs, but every once in a while I have a beautiful organised home worthy of any Stepford wife!!!

Here’s my daily schedule:

Monday- Bedrooms

Tuesday- Kitchen

Wednesday- Dining Room

Thursday- Living Room

Friday- Bathroom

I do one area of the house a day, completely. Thats all the organising and cleaning. I find satisfaction in doing one room in it’s entirety before moving on. Some people have other schedules in which they do all the floors one day, all the furniture another, and so on. For myself, I never feel right only doing a part of a room, so I would end up doing the entire house in one day leaving me tired and at risk for a dip in mood

Experiment with some different options, and let me know what works for you! I would love to get some more tips to share!!