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Basic Items to keep your wardrobe simple.

Basic Items to keep your wardrobe simple.

Yes, I actually looked this up, and it wasn’t easy. Real Simple to someone called Miss Minimalist. There was every kind of list out there, and I went through carefully and put my own together, of course!  Why in the world would I do this you ask?

The reason is simple: There are days I have no brain! Even before children, I found it difficult to put items together some days. In decision would overwhelm me and I’d end up running late with every item of clothing I owned in a pile on the floor. A very wise woman told me I needed to slim down my closet, and eventually I listened to her! (Thanks Mom!) It made my life easier and getting dressed much simpler. After I had my daughter, it revolutionised my life and help me look fantastic, even with spit-up on my blouse! So listen up, or read on, while I share my secret with you!

You need to start with a basic color, something neutral like black or brown or grey. Don’t worry, there is still room for color, like pops in your shirts, or dresses, and definitely in your jewelry and accessories. But leave the pants and jackets fairly plain. The whole idea behind this is to be able to reach into your wardrobe in the morning as pull out a pair of pants and a shirt and have they match instantly! (Confession here, I kind of have two wardrobes, one black, one brown).

The other crucial thing is fit. Whether it was be a cute top, or a trendy pair of jeans, if they don’t fit and flatter You you’re wasting your time… send it on to your little sister, or better yet, the thrift store! And divide and conquer: Pack away your non-seasonal items so they aren’t taking up room and visual space. Really, it’s that simple.

Buy great quality items which fit, and take care of them, washing and storing them properly.




  • Sexy camisole
  • Black tank/ vest
  • Short sleeve black t
  • Short sleeve white t
  • Longsleeve white t
  • Longsleeve black t
  • Black Turtleneck
  • Fitted White buttondown l/s
  • S/S White blouse
  • Pinstriped oxford
  • Bold Blouse
  • Light sweater set
  • Neutral Cashmere sweater set
  • Fitted blazer
  • Patterned blazer
  • Heavy Sweater/Jumper


  • Jeans 2-4 pairs
  • Khakis
  • Black suit: 3pcs lt.wool
  • Summer Suit 3-pcs
  • Charcoal trousers
  • Tweed Pants
  • A-line skirt

Dresses and JacketsPrinted dress
Black dress
Formal Blk gown, long (Something you can wear to a wedding)

Trench coat
Parka, soft shell jacket


Lounge pants
“Painting” Outfit (Messy-Work Suit)

Nightgown or Pajamas

Four Essential Purses:

  • Satchel
  • Clutch
  • Cross body
  • Oversizes tote


  • Ballet flats
  • Walking shoes. Casual leather flats
  • Knee high boots
  • Office heels. Professional- (but not formal)
  • Dressy heels. Fabric sling-backs suitable for cocktail and more formal dresses.
  • Hiking shoes./ Gym Shoes


  • Fourteen pair of underwear,
  • seven bras,
  • one strapless bra,
  • one camisole that matches your skin color,
  • one short slip,
  • One tea length slip


Miss Minimalsist… I’m an intriqued convert