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The question of smoking weed when you suffer from a mental health is one that is often talked about and great disputed on both sides of the debate. A while back my BBC news app greeted me with a story about this very topic. It would seem that a recent study proves strong, or “skunk” weed does in fact increase the risk of psychosis.

You can read the story over at BBC News here.

While I do believe we have a long way to go to prove the effects of cannabis for good or for ill, I do think it is worth close and honest personal examination if you do smoke weed and are suffering from a potential mental health disorder. With that being said I can say I know people on both sides of this issue, but I do know people who have smoked or currently are smoking in which it is clearly a detriment to their mental health.

I admit I have smoked weed. Not really a big deal considering my home state of Washington just legalised it last year. While I was 100% behind the move to legalise pot, I do have personal reservations about it’s use especially with those who suffer depression or are a little “unbalanced.” I find for myself that I can not tolerate it.

Sitting around smoking weed is all fine and good. It is relaxing, and feels good at the time that I do it. If it could just stay in the moment and have it fade away like the smoke trails I would be fine. Yet for me, this is not where it ends. Over the next few days, even weeks, I notice my mood dips quite noticeably and I suffer an immediate mild depression.

Continued smoking will yield a stark depressed mood, one in which I find myself sinking quite fast. Since depression is the one thing that greatly characterises my bipolar, I can not afford the luxury of smoking weed for any amount of time. Luckily I never really enjoyed it, mostly due to the fact that weed makes me stupid and I really detest stupidity!!

So for me, I won’t smoke weed, and I would greatly encourage anyone who does to take an honest look at themselves and their mental health to make sure that it is not compromising their stability. The same can be said for alcohol, sugar, caffeine, and any number of illicit substances. Any substance that effects your mental health in a negative way is best avoided.

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