A good soldier carries a radio with them in the field. During my father’s era it was a large backpack, and an expert was needed to make the thing work properly. My father was one of these expert geeks sent out into the field with a group of soldiers to ensure they could report back and stay in touch. Staying connected in the field is vital, to the mission and to your well being, especially if you need to be rescued.

When your in the minefield, who is going to rescue you? Who do you call? Do you even have a radio?

When you become a Christian and are baptised you get this wonderful perk, its called the Holy Spirit. He’s kinda like your radio in the field, your emergency back up, your lifeline to check in and receive orders. Although God isn’t really going to dish out orders like a three-star general, but you get the idea.

Overtime, or even from the get-go, you need to service your radio, check it over and make sure it works. As a christian, we have the most amazing opportunity afforded to us, we get to have a direct relationship with our God. God desperately wants us to have this relationship with Him, but it’s difficult for many of us, especially when we are suffering from an illness that’s in our head telling us how worthless we are, trying to convince us that God doesn’t care about us. But oh my friend, we are so wrong to think this!

God wants us to use this radio every minute of every day. The more we use it, the more we talk to Him, the easier it is for us to hear him ourselves, hear what He is trying to tell us. And when you are in the middle of the battlefield, you don’t want to be alone!