(Part 3: 2004)

It was a birthday party for my best friend of 20+ years. I had just found out we were moving to London, she was crushed. I was taking an antibiotic for my gut and couldn’t drink. My husband drank for both of us, and each of the kids I think. My baby girl wasn’t having it after a certain point. It was getting late. She would not sleep. Finally the party winded down and people left. I finally convinced my belligerent husband to leave.

As we neared the car, it got dark, like all the street lamps had gone out kind of dark. Yet not a thing had changed. We were the only people outside, yet I could feel the darkness all around. I got everyone into the car. And then it started.

I prayed. I could see again. We got around the corner and my husband yanked the key out of the car. This was not normal, not good. Kids in the back seat, he’s yelling, his son is crying, our daughter is whining. I just have to get us home. I pray. I get almost to the exit of the housing development and he yanks the key out again.

What do I do? I pray. Maybe I should head to my Godparents house. No, let just go home. I get a quarter of a mile down the street and my husband is really going at it. I pull off onto the road that would take us to my Godparents house, and he just starts to rage. He gets out of the car, my step-son is crying and screaming. I’m yelling at him to stay in the car, but he wants to go with his dad.

By now I’ve seen it. Black, red, claws firmly entrenched, perched on my husband. My step-son gets out of the car. How do I explain this? I can’t, I have to get away. I get in the car and drive round the corner and stop. I had half a mind to keep going, but I couldn’t leave my step-son with That. My baby girl is crying.

They walk to the end of the street, totally believing I left them. My husband wakes up and gets in the car with his son. We’re going home I say, after saying we could just go to my Godparents. My husband just wants to go home, he’s tired. I’m uneasy, I start the drive to the bridge and all is fine. Until we get to the middle of Deception Pass Bridge. My husband yanks out the key again.

Luckily it was in the middle of the island and I can coast over to the pull out. He’s spewing vile obscenities, throws the key out the window, yanks off my wedding ring and is ready to throw it to, but I managed to get it away from him.

Go to the your godparents.

I hear God plainly. We’re on the bridge, my phone is dying, and I don’t know what to do. I pray. My husband calms down. We turn around, I am heading for my godparents house. My husband is getting more and more agitated with every meter. I’m praying, my step-son’s praying, My husband is mocking us. My baby girl is passed out in her carseat.

My little girl, is draped over her seat with her hand out, covered by an angel. I’m praying even harder. This thing is attacking me through my husband even more ferociously. My step-son wants to go home. Yes!

Satan can’t tell what I’m thinking.

I call my step-son’s mom, play up the fear in my voice, and have her call my godparents to let them know we are coming in hot. Oh it works, I can see the smiling faces of the demons glaring at me like I’ve already lost. I turn down the road to take us out to my Godparents and I slow down to 40. This is a dangerous road, full of deer and wildlife, sharp turns and steep hills. But up ahead I can see two angels motioning to step on it!

I can feel my shield of faith, protecting me.

In the name of Jesus Christ you have no right to harass me.

But we do to him.

I can see them around my husband, sneering at me, he half passed out head rolling back trying to pass out.

I follow my angel guides safely to the end of my road. As we cross onto their property everything changes. My angels bring us safely up the drive. And there to greet us, my bewildered godparents, and one bewildered husband who is not quite sure what happened or how we got there.

Lexi would later tell me an angel held her hand, which soften my heart and made me so glad. But she would also say she saw a monster on daddy’s back.


There are things in life which change you, which make your pathway clear. This was one such night in my life. My words read like pure fiction, a made up story, a short essay for amusement. What happened that night as very real, and if you believe in God you should know that Satan is just as real.

This is part of my story, the story of who I am. I know that demons are real, that God calls us to battle. I know what Ephesians 6 tells us, to arm ourselves with the provision God gives us. This is one more story, one more battle in that war.

(Part 5: 2013 )