(Part 4: 2011)

After my driving fight against Satan’s minions, I found myself both elated I had the courage to call on God and stand my ground and befuddled that maybe this whole thing was just to big for me. We had only known we were moving to London for about a month and while my bible study of Spritual Warfare had brought me back to the starting point with God I had veered from 20 years previously, I realised I was still lacking the tools I needed to progress.

It was disheartening, but I knew God had a reason, a time, and a season for everything, I just prayed. And waited. But I’m no good at waiting, I had questions and I needed answers. Now. So I went to some leaders in my church, I talked to friends, I prayed, I waited. There were no answers for me and as the months went on I realised that God was taking me to those answers, I’d just have to wait a little longer and traverse a few more miles then I’d wanted to.

We moved. I found a church. I unpacked. I waited. I prayed. God told me to just wait, I wasn’t quite ready. Seriously… by this point a whole year had passed! I’m not gonna lie, I was tired of waiting. Tired, discouraged, depressed. Maybe God did’t want me to go down this road. Maybe I got it all wrong. Oh Lord, I’d cry out, I just don’t know what to do.

He’s pretty cheeky, that God! Lexi started reception and would be gone all day- and I thought, Now Lord, for sure this time! And Nothing! Then all of the sudden Lexi comes home talking about this girl in her class. I got the list at the start of the year, it was Halloween, who was this mystery girl? Then one day this woman asks if I’m Lexi’s mom. I’m pretty on top of it all, or so I think, and I don’t recognise her.

It was crazy, God kind of crazy! Two Ministers, moved here from Australia, supposed to head to France where their plant church is and they end up here, in North Finchley. With a daughter in my daughters class. Yeah, God Crazy!

Only God could manuever things this way. Bring not one, but two people into my life to answer the questions I had. And more! They were on their way to France, but their visas were denied at the last minute, and decided London was close enough. And they rent a house in the area, and it just happened that this year Northside took on an extra Reception class so their would be room for their daughter to end up in the same class as mine. There are no coincidences with God.

Now I really feel in the hot seat! Best get on with my bad self. God did all this for me. Kind of makes me feel severely humbled that I ever got impatient with him. Thank You God!