All my friends are crazy! Seriously! Yes it’s probably due in part to the fact that I make people that way, but it is interesting to note just how many friends I have who are a little off.

I can’t believe my luck, the odds are about 4:1 that I would find a friend with some aspect of mental illness, but I think my odds of finding someone you might call ”crazy” are about 99%! I think I may have one normal friend in the bunch, but I haven’t discovered who that is yet!

I struggled for many years with friends, with finding friends I felt comfortable with. Yet, during those times I felt isolated and distressed about it, I can see looking back that those were the times I was uncomfortable with myself.

If you can not accept yourself, you can not ask anyone else to be ok with who you are either. You will definitely find that the relationships and friendships you have are a little bit superficial, lacking any real depth for the relationship to grow.

So here I find myself today with all my lovely, beautiful, crazy friends I cherish and adore. Each one of my closest friends suffer directly from bipolar in some aspect of their lives, or another mental illness, or have family members who suffer from mental health issues in some aspect. Either way it affects their lives and has in part shaped who they are. In the end, acceptance is key: Acceptance of Yourself and of others.

I treasure the friends I have, and feel extremely blessed to feel so comfortable about opening up and sharing my struggles. Generally people are quite receptive, and I have leaned not to take it personally when someone exits my life. God made each and everyone of us different. I’m just a little more different then most.

By letting go of people who don’t understand me, I’ve been able to develop amazing friendships with people who do get me. If I’d spent my energy on trying to make people who will never understand me, I wouldn’t have had room in my life for people who do!