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So, I broke my foot.

Two months ago I was walking home with groceries after a wonderful afternoon spent drinking coffee in the courtyard of my favourite cafe on the high street with my pastor. It was a beautiful June afternoon, the kind that hails the start of summer and all things outdoors and warm. I was full of excitement and pure joy for things to come in my life. I was going to turn 40 in a week, the thought of which was definitely filling me with a bit of fear and trepidation, but as the afternoon wore on I could definitely feel the hand of God guiding my life and a sense of peace in submitting my life to His will.

After leaving the cafe I sauntered off to the grocery store, still in the midst of my afternoon basking in the glory of God, full of hope for doing His glory in my life. I asked God for guidance, and turned over any worry I had to him as I walked up my street and into my house. Then I fell down. Straight down to the floor, on top of my foot, crunching my ankle! I’d like to say it’s all the fault of my husband who was just then finishing the dishes, but like I told A&E (who did question me), it was just dumb luck…. or the old lady of the house…

Waiting in A&E that evening, in between excruciating pain, I pondered over the day. I felt so grateful that I had been filled with the Spirit that day, that it had been a day spent in the presence of God, because it turned out to be a pretty miserable evening. It was not lost on me that I had had such a powerful encounter with God that day only to come home and mysteriously, and quite quickly, break my ankle.

As the week went on, I spent much of my time adjusting to my new circumstance. Having a broken ankle was the most difficult physical ailment I have ever had. I immediately cancelled my 40 birthday. (On the bright side, I’m still 39). My husband left the next week on a pre-planned business trip, and I was left alone with our 6 year old daughter for 7 days. Upon his return he brought with him his 15 year old son for the summer. We had also booked a trip to Barcelona in six weeks, non-refundable of course, and decided to go ahead anyways.

If God doesn’t give us more then we can handle, I can handle an awful lot with his help!

My lovely neighbour came by the first week I had broke my ankle to see if I needed anything. When she found out I had broken my ankle by falling in my kitchen, I thought she was going to fall over! Turns out the old lady that previously owned the house had died in the kitchen three years ago! I don’t know if was the little old lady who got me for not keeping her flower beds, but I have had two windows fall on me since I moved in 2 years ago and have fallen down the stairs twice and once into the kitchen when I first moved in.

Definitely weird and creepy! Yet, through my incredible faith I knew for certain that God is greater then anything that might be haunting this house. Yet I still spent the next few weeks praying over this house!! I knew London was a haunted city, I just didn’t expect a broken ankle out of it!

Regardless of the menacing spirit in the house, I managed my second week alone and broken just fine with a little help. I had someone come help me clean, organised friends to feed us, and somehow had plenty of coffee and treats brought to me from some super amazing ladies! Its amazing how peaceful I was in the midst of such tragedy, but God definitely provided for me. There was little I could do for myself, so I had to let it go….

I had to let go of worry, or control, and of my pride. Nothing was going to be perfect, I had to deal with good enough, which oddly enough really was good enough!! Even our trip to Spain, which was hot and hard at times, turned out alright. I was able to rent a wheelchair, and before we left I found some amazing resources on just how accessibility friendly Barcelona really is. It was well worth the trip.

So two months have gone by. I’m out of the air cast, off the crutches, still walking with a cane and in pain but healing and regaining muscle in my leg. I’ve learned to give up control, pride, and worry…. I am sure this will be an ongoing process, but I feel so much more relaxed. God really provides!

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight.”

Proverbs 3:5-6