This is an open letter to the upset new mother and grandmother at Percy Road Park today, who apparently took offence to the water fight I organised for my daughter and her friends and classmates.


Dear Ladies;

I am extremely apologetic for the water activity you seem to have taken some umbrage with. Over the last two weeks I have worked very hard to organise four events such as this, which have been a great success with many happy children and parents. My intent was to give my child, as well as other children, the kind of hot summer day activity that I was lucky enough to have participated in. I feel it is incredibly important for children to be able to experience the joy of soaking their best friend and ganging up on an older brother in a massive drench-fest.

While I do agree with you the that the limited space at Percy Road Park does bring with it certain complications for this type of exercise, the parents and I worked together to ensure a limited supply of water. In fact today’s waterfight had by far the least number of attendees, and at 30 minutes in length, was the shortest event of its kind.

While traveling to Swan Lane, Dollis Park, or Victoria Park might have made more sense, for every child who participated in the event Percy Road Park would be considered “their” park, as they have spent most of their young lives playing in this park, even when it was the former dilapidated, dangerous, broken bottle strewn, cigarette infested mess. Therefore, meeting their friends at Percy Road Park was not only convenient, but holds a special meaning for them especially as school begins in five days.

As for the negative opinion you hold for the children participating, I must say that I myself did not witness anything outside the norm of primary school aged children who are at then end of their summer holiday. They are for the most part, rambunctious, bored, and longing for the normality in their lies which school offers. I do hope that as a perfect parent you are able to raise your baby in such a way that they will always act within acceptable parameters, and will not express their discontent in physical ways. If you are successful in doing so, I would be grateful for your tips as I am sure my grandchildren will be in need of such “control”.

There was an incident you spoke of where a child sprayed another parent in the face? I’m very sorry that you witnessed something that disturbed you so much, and I do pray some random child does not spray you in the face. I am disheartened to hear that the parent in question, or you yourself, did not take it upon yourself to locate said child or their parents and bring it to the attention of both of them that this type of behaviour is un-exceptable. Children do need to be corrected, and if no one is properly notified, this will not happen. If these parents do indeed have no control over their children, it might be in your best interest to move to better neighbourhood where children are not free to play and parents do not let their children express themselves. I can not imagine you would want your baby to grow up playing with such ruffians.

Speaking of which, I am a little perplexed as to why your baby experienced such an unfortunate time at the park, as he was strapped to your chest the entire time. I also fail to understand why you were in the park at that particular time, when you came in, or what exactly you were doing there. If indeed you did have another young child, I am quite concerned that you would have let them wander off while you spoke to me of your grievance, considering the opinion you held of the poor behaviour of the children in the park.

I feel incredible sad that you had such a lousy experience today. I do hope that your child will grow up with a better home life then obviously the children at the park today have. The damage is already done with my daughter I am afraid. I taught her some terrible things like how to be creative and think for herself, how to be adventurous and physically active. She has learned how to interact with her peers and adults in polite and understanding matter. She is bright and articulate, and knows the value of self expression and individuality. She does not always make the right decision, but I am teaching her how to make decisions for herself and to evaluate if things are morally and ethically right.

I admit I do not have this parenting thing down. There is every chance I am messing up, causing lifelong damage, but I do know one thing: my daughter is happy and loving. The children at the park today all fall in this category. Each and everyone of her friends are amazing in their own right. I am sorry about your experience today, but I am most sorry that in your brief time at the park you could not see for yourself just what an amazing and outstanding group of young kids they actually are.


A mom who wanted some old-fashioned summer fun for her kid. A mom who has spent the last two years creating the new clean park for your baby to safely play in.