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Life has really been interesting lately. God is really on the move after a season of trials and tribulations. I was lucky enough to spend part of the day with one of my fellow prayer warriors, and it was during our conversation that I realized she was on to something: it’s time for not just me, but all christians to stop sitting back and burying themselves in the bible. While knowledge is crucial, and developing your relationship with Jesus is paramount to the faith, what we need more of is people to A.C.T.

How many times have you passed by someone who is hurting, either physically or emotionally? You can see it on their faces, and sometimes you see the physical signs of a limp or a wheelchair. Sometimes you don’t see it, but you feel it. The Holy Spirit is pointing out to you that here is someone who needs you, who need your prayers.

Ok, jump back and convince yourself you could never do that, that you wouldn’t know what to say, that you wouldn’t be good enough, that that’s not what God wants you to do! But guess what? That’s exactly what He wants you to do! Just do it! Just A.C.T.

A. Action – Move. Go up to the person. Get out of your comfort zone and enter that person’s world!

C. Converse – Interact with this person you know God wants to encounter.

T. Trust – Trust in God. Trust that He moved you to ACT. Trust that He will give you the words to say.

God is incredible, He uses us in ways we can’t begin to understand. Why can’t He use you to interact with someone who needs Him? Think of all the ways God has used people for good in your life. God wants to use each of us.

I had an appointment after my friend left. As I sat there in the waiting room, a woman in a walker walked in. My conversation from earlier was still resonating with me and I knew I needed to ACT. I over heard the woman talking about her children and making a special dinner for them tonight, so I inserted myself into her conversation.

Initially I thought God wanted me to pray for her legs, but as the situation unfolded it became clear to me that God wanted to me pray for her inner strength. So I did. Right there. I realized that this was all God wanted, for us to A.C.T.

I didn’t do anything except be obedient to the voice of God. I did nothing except pray for her. I will never know what happened tonight with her children, but I don’t have to. Its’s all in God’s hands, it’s all in His time. Tonight I feel good to have served where I could. Tomorrow I hope I can continue to A.C.T.