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What is your ministry?

A few years ago I began to be plagued by a particular type of dream. Trees. I kept having dreams about trees, which wasn’t exactly all that odd considering I’d grown up and lived in the Pacific Northwest all my life, but these dreams were specific, targeted somehow. I just had no idea what these  dreams were telling me.

Then my husband came home and told me he was being transferred to London! Super exciting, but London wasn’t known for trees. Still, sometimes night after night, I was dreaming about trees. Sometimes whole forests, often near the water, but always large full grown trees, a forest of which might block out the sun.

We moved to north London, far from the Thames or any body of water. The closest body of water with some scraggly trees was Dollis Brooke, a tiny windy little stream about half a mile away. Still the dreams continued.

After a year in London I met a woman, a pastor who had moved her entire family and a team in France from Australia to start a church in Strasbourg, the virtual center of Europe. I quickly joined her team and began the year long struggle of starting a church, in a different country, in another primary language. While we weren’t the “boots-on-the-ground” we were the supply line, the prayer supply line, which is greatly needed in any endevour, but especially when starting a church.

At the end of the year my pastor and her family had to return to Australia, but the church flourished, and continues to do so today. But it was during my time with that pastor that I learned trees were a powerful symbol for a Leader or Organization.

I struggled with exactly what this meant for me. I started a blog and began to look for places God was calling me to. Unfortunately we weren’t meant to stay in London and my family returned to Seattle. But it was here where I began to see what maybe my Tree or my calling was. I struggled to find my feet back in Seattle, to find a church, to feel at home.

God sent me to a church, and I failed to understand why. This church certainly wasn’t what I was looking for. It didn’t fit my needs, or wants, and was bearly acceptable on kingdom culture. And that Pastor, geesh! God surely had a sense of humor!! Or did he?

Then I realized, I was a tree. God was sending me here, not so I could grow, but to help others grow. God doesn’t plant us somewhere to just stay the same, no He plants us places to GROW.  I’m using the 40+ years of my life and church experiences to help others, to help the church grow.

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